Internship in China

Andrea's Experience

Andrea‘s Intern Experience

The journey is coming to the end, how do I feel?

Well, I feel great. I am pleasantly surprised by how friendly Chinese people are. Travelling to China was quite challenging, first I had to acclimatize to this new environment. It’s not Europe, so, in terms of dimension, everything is bigger and the population is way larger. When you are used to see European architecture, it can be quite surprising to see so many buildings and lights in one city. When I arrived, everything was new for me, from the climate, the dialect, the sonority and how noticeable I was here.



Here, you can find an overview of the program prices. Please note:

Minimum Tenure – Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen: 1 month

Minimum Tenure – Qingdao, Dalian, Zhuhai, Chengdu: 2 months

Deposit – Beijing, Shanghai: 1,000 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars, ca. 125€), which will be fully refunded in case we cannot find a suitable position

Homestay is possible in: Qingdao, Dalian, Zhuhai, Chengdu

Extras: If you book a one-month language course in advance to your internship, you will receive further 10h of language classes for free in Qingdao, Zhuhai, Dalian, Chengdu

Exchange Rate: Please note, that prices can change slightly depending on the underlying exchange rate

* including language classes

Language Classes – Qingdao, Zhuhai, Dalian, Chengdu: Additional language classes (Monday to Friday, 3h per day) for just 720€/month extra.

Customization: If you would like to customize your program or you have any other questions, please get in touch under:

Application Process

Application Process

1. Register for the program

After informing yourself on the homepage, you can register here. Registering itself will not cause you any costs. One of our program consultants will then get in touch with you to talk about the further procedure.

2. Tell us your expectations

After you have told us about your preferences, we will introduce you to your local coordinator in China. With him or her you will then talk about the details of your stay and together you will find your host company.

3. Select your company

After getting to know your expectations we will introduce different placements to you. If you like one we will arrange the interview between you and the company. If the interview does not go well, we will keep on looking for other options until together we find the perfect match for you.

4. Enroll into the program

When everything is set, it’s time for you to enroll into the program. With the enrollment, you will be charged with the program fee.

5. Get the formalities done

Before you can leave for China, there are some formalities to take care of as for example the visa application. Don’t worry, your personal coordinator will help you with every step of the way. After your arrival, he or she will pick you up from the airport and help you to get along during the first days and afterwards.




We are looking forward to helping you in finding the right internship for your personal career path. Altogether, there are over 500 positions in over 300 companies in eight cities at your disposal.

After having registered, you just tell us what you would like to do and we will find a suitable position together.

During the whole program you will be taken care of by a local expat. He or she will help you to decide for the right position and later on assist you on spot in China.

All companies taken part in the program have special coordinators who can tutor you in English.

We will provide you with a choice in your field of business. And even if you are looking for a very special internship, we will help you to find it. Among others, you can choose out of the following industries:

– Engineering

– Law

– Culture

– Architecture

– Investment & Finance

– Marketing

– Tourism

– IT

Please keep in mind that it would be best if you applied three months in advance, so there will be no stress at all.



In addition to your internship, we offer the option to book a modern apartment in a good, central location. All apartments are close together, so you can conveniently spend your time off with other program participants.

We also offer a homestay option in Qingdao, Zhuhai, Chengdu and Dalian. Here you can live together with a Chinese host family. That is the perfect chance to learn more about the Chinese culture and to optimize your language skills much faster. Of course, you will get to know your host family before going to China!

Living room:

DVD player
Air conditioner
Water Dispenser


Bedside table
Air conditioner


Washing machine



Language Classes

We would like to recommend to you to additionally book languages classes to your internship. Why? On the one hand speaking Chinese is a big plus during every job interview and on the other hand it gives you the chance to meet with other program participants more often.

Depending on the city, the language classes take place 2 to 5 times a week (4 to 15 hours). If you like we will also arrange special courses like for example Business Chinese for you. Please keep in mind that the beginner courses just start on the first Monday of each month.

There is no better way to learn Chinese than learning it directly in China. The reason simply is that you will be surrounded by the language during the whole stay, and so, you can easily train and apply our Chinese on a daily basis. The best example might be our au pairs who after one year speak and write Chinese as well as a Bachelor graduate of Sinology. Also, Chinese is no different than any other language: It just needs practice and the success will follow.


You can follow your preferences regarding climate, culture, and so on and choose between 8 destinations: Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Chengdu, Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong/Shanghai (Combo). If you are for example fond of spicy food Chengdu will be a good destination. Or if you are planning to do your internship during the colder months, it might be better to choose the North as the South of China has no central heating. If you are not sure, of course, we will gladly assist you in finding the right place!

Since the Yuan Dynasty Beijing has been China’s political center with only short interruptions. Thus, almost all international companies have a branch office in Beijing. The Beijing Area may be China’s second largest industrial area, but the production sides have been moved to second tier cities surrounding Beijing. Therefore, in Beijing itself the service, administration and commercial sectors are predominant.

Shanghai is one of China’s most important coastal cities and its financial hub. Many international investment and law firms have a representation in Shanghai and the Shanghai stock exchange is in its importance just challenged by the Hong Kong financial markets. Shanghai is also known for its textile industry and VW’s first subsidiary in the Middle Kingdom.

Dalian is one of China’s most important ports and home to many international companies. Among these the car industry and its suppliers are predominant. This goes hand in hand with a strong local machine construction industry. And thanks to its huge oil terminal Dalian is home to many petrochemical companies.

Qingdao is the most important port of the Shandong province and has been chosen to be the most livable city in all of China. Due to being the home of the world renowned Tsingtao beer, Qingdao has its own yearly October Fest. The main industries are electronics and logistics. Also a many of the worldwide sold musical instruments have been manufactured in Qingdao.

Chengdu is not only the capital of the Sichuan province and home to the panda bear, but also an important industrial center of Southwest China. Over 200 of the Forbes-500 companies have a branch in Chengdu and every second iPad on earth is “Made in Chengdu”. Other important sectors are the pharma, chemistry and aviation industry.

Zhuhai is not only blessed with its pleasant climate, but also economically very attractive. Companies like Shell, Phillips and BOSCH have their representations in Zhuhai. Asides being an important port, Zhuhai is a center of aviation and naval research as well as known for its pharma industry.

Shenzhen has been China’s first special economic development zone due to its advantageous position at the Pearl river delta in close proximity to Hong Kong. Today, Shenzhen’s stock exchange is second only to Shanghai’s. Asides its financial sector, Shenzhen is famous for its high-tech companies like Huawei, Apple, Tencent, Sony and Nintendo.

The former British crown colony has become an important service and commercial center for the whole of Southwest Asia mainly due to its favorable tax policies. Especially significant are Hong Kong’s financial and logistics sector.


Boost your CV and lay a solid foundation for your future career! We will gladly help you!

Our intern program provides over 500 intern placements in 8 different cities: Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Dalian, Qingdao, Zhuhai and Hong Kong.

My first day, I couldn’t speak any Chinese at all, I wasn’t used to use my Chinese skills spontaneously in Paris. Being in class and being in the country is something totally different. Something simple like going to the restaurant and ordering some food was the most challenging thing when I first arrived. It wasn’t Chinese class; it was real life; witch means; think and talk faster.

So even when my brain felt tired from trying to express myself in a foreign language, I had no choice but speaking Chinese or at least English. Switching from French, to English and sometimes, simple Chinese is not a problem anymore.

Here, in China, I met a lot of people. First, the people from the company I worked in really helped me and they were always there when I needed it and because of them I became independent quickly. The best thing about being in China is that I constantly meet new people at the least expected moment which have become my best memories.



Do I have to speak Chinese?

Actually, it’s enough if you speak English.

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Yes, you have to be at least 16 years old.

What is the minimum duration?

You have to commit for at least one month.

Are there fixed starting dates?

No, fixed starting dates just apply to the beginner’s language classes.

Who will take care of me in China?

You will have a personal coordinator taking care of you. He or she will be an expat. Supporting tasks might be taken care of by Chinese colleagues.

I cannot find the information I am looking for. What should I do?

Please send us your question ( or give us a call (0049 5459 9003007). We will answer your questions as soon as possible.